It all started when…

Hass created a makeover TV show entitled SWAGG University over 10 years ago. This self funded project turned into Hass finding his life’s purpose when he met a kid named Jason Nicpon. Jason was battling leukemia. For the final episode SWAGG University Hass had an idea to give a family a fresh start surprise that family happened to be the Nicpons with Jason being the focus. Filming four days with Jason and capturing his story, Hass had an epiphany that it was his life’s purpose to tell stories like Jason’s. After Jason Hass met several kids but still wasn’t convinced he could make a living telling stories. After helping a few kids have EPIC experiences and capturing their story Hass was on a roll but when he failed to help two kids named Jordan and Julio have an EPIC experience it was a question if content focused on telling heartwarming stories had a market because he continued to fall short in gaining the proper funds to continue. That’s when Hass built a traveling retail store from shipping container. Today Hass is just focused on telling EPIC stories. Jordan and Julio both passed away from cancer and will always be remembered in each one of Hass’ short movies.