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EPIC America!!

EPIC America With Hass Saddique is a short movie-series that follows Hass Saddique as he travels America meeting and telling the stories of EPIC people. What is EPIC America? It’s the revolution of the young people, young doesn’t mean age in this revolution. EPIC America is the life livers and risk takers that still believe in being a dreamer and going out and accomplishing those dreams no matter what age we are. These are the stories of people living and thriving in their life’s purpose. The flawed but secure in our flaws. The people that are in the service business. EPIC America is the inspiration of the World telling stories of EPIC people across America and EPIC people across the World. We are EPIC America Join Us!  Support us by purchasing an I AM EPIC America Hoodie.

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How these kids in Atlanta make thousands of dollars selling water | EPIC America Ep 1 or 20